Isabelle Girollet

My work is not a reflection or an intellectual approach, it is nourished by spontaneity, chance and emotions.
-Isabelle Girollet (伊莎贝拉·吉罗雷特)

伊莎贝拉·吉罗雷特出生于1961年,从儿时起就对摄影很感兴趣,此后她一直在摄影上探索和发展。她从18岁起开始担任摄影师 Olivier Dassault的助手,并在此工作了8年。在接下来的20年中,伊莎贝拉·吉罗雷特从事于广告摄影和出版领域。她最常使用的是禄莱相机(24×36),早期以工业用地,建筑工地,优秀建筑物作为拍摄对象和创作主题。2013年后,她不再去工业现场,而是调查了城市,街道以捕捉城市和自然元素。柱子,障碍,外墙,灯光...等各种街道自然元素都是她拍摄的对象。在数字化之后,她的作品自然地朝着抽象的方向发展,她对摄影作品的框架、光线和色彩有着非常高的要求。从现实出发,通过灵活的运用光线,她将平庸的现实变成了存在的诗歌。

Isabelle Girollet was born in Paris, France in 1961. Sensitive to photographic shooting since her teenage years, She has continued to explore and develop in photography direction. She entered Olivier Dassault photography studio as assistant when she was 18 years old. She had stayed there for eight years. For the next twenty years Isabelle has worked in the fields of advertising photography and publishing. Long equipped with a Rollei 24X36, she chose industrial sites, building sites, remarkable buildings as a subject for reflection. After 2013, she no longer went to industrial sites. She now surveys the city, the streets, and nature to capture urban elements. Posts, barriers, facades, lights... all kinds of natural elements are her subjects. Having gone digital, her work has evolved naturally towards abstraction, engagint with the requirements of framing, as well as light and color relations. With light, she transforms banal reality into poetic existence.